double bass solo

Perturbation Locomotive deals with an ever moving object that slowly creates inertia while mishaps appear and deviate the sound from its first trajectory. The machine launched, it accelerates and turns around, the sound waves hit each other, stay suspended, create vibrations and beats. The music slows down the time while it makes wider the space.




Baltica, 2016
solo cello





Léo Maurel (site) : BAB (Bumblebee Box)
Stéphane Clor : Motorized bow on double bass and cello

Darad’s project is to explore deeply the sound matter in order to attain its essential, it means the vibration, an oscillation caused by an agitator body on a resonant body. At first one can ask itself how to produce and maintain that vibration. Then how to produce different ones in a high diversity range. And finally, how to combine them in different assembly in order to develop rich and complex forms. Moreover, insofar a space is never the same, it might be necessary to consider the propagation of sound in it, and then, by reorganizing the vibration assembly, to try to redefine the space itself. The goal is to offer to our ears a kind of primary poetry which resonate with our bodies and by consequence to ask ; can one just simply define sound as the consequence of the projection of atoms from one body to an other?

Darad is composed by Léo Maurel and Stéphane Clor. The instruments are partly created by Léo, the digital controls of the motors are partly programmed by Stéphane, the music is entirely created both together.




Selected improvisation works, 2016

Kacper Graczyk : electronic
Stéphane Clor : cello




Live at MusikRaumGarage, Vienna
recorded 21th Juni 2016




Trans XV, 2015
solo double bass and cello





« In all its roles and appearances, improvisation can be considered as the celebration of the moment. And in this, the nature of improvisation exactly resembles the nature of the moment. Essentially, music is fleeting; its reality is its moment of performance. » Derek Bailey, Improvisation, p. 142

My approach to music is closely related to the practice of improvisation. If its nature corresponds to the nature of the moment, music can not be anticipated but nevertheless re-evaluated every moment. It is a perpetual decision taking. In such a way that the body of the improvisor produces spontaneous gestures linked to these decisions.
Most of the time I’m playing double bass, cello or/and electroacoustic installation in improvised music context. If my attention is focus on the gesture and the energy of the moment, I m also very attentive to playing conditions, considering the acoustic space, the public, unexpected elements…




Spontaneous XIII & XIV, 2014
solo double bass and cello




Noise studies, 2014
solo electronic




Ullumi, 2013
Composition for double bass and electronic




NA+ + CL-

Arnaud Corbellari : guitar, synthetizer, objects, loops, beats
Stéphane Clor : doublebass, objects, electronic

The work of NA+ + CL- is based on loops, sampling and superimposition of melodic and rhythmic layers.

ReCyclage – 2009




Microfictions, 2014
electroacoustic works





Jeanne Barbieri, voice
Arnaud Corbellari, loops and spatialization
Stéphane Clor, double bass and effects





Xavière Fertin : clarinet, bass clarinet, baroque clarinet
Camille Emaille : tombak, daf, traditional percussions, metal, snare drum, ready-made percussions and more
Stéphane Clor : double bass, cello

2015 Live @ Strasbourg