« In all its roles and appearances, improvisation can be considered as the celebration of the moment. And in this, the nature of improvisation exactly resembles the nature of the moment. Essentially, music is fleeting; its reality is its moment of performance. »  Derek Bailey, Improvisation, p. 142

My approach to music is closely related to the practice of improvisation. If its nature corresponds to the nature of the moment, music can not be anticipated but nevertheless re-evaluated every moment. It is a perpetual decision taking. In such a way that the body of the improvisor produces spontaneous gestures linked to these decisions.
Most of the time I’m playing double bass, cello or/and electroacoustic installation in improvised music context. If my attention is focus on the gesture and the energy of the moment, I m also very attentive to playing conditions, considering the acoustic space, the public, unexpected elements…