Imaginary soundscapes

space and sound installation

Imaginary soundscapes is a sound installation using different sculptures settled in the space in order to create a never-ending evolutive soundscape. The different sounds appear and disappear according to random parameters and let the listener goes through and reflects its own imagination.
The installation is based on sounds constituent of a geographic living area. It is connected to workshops I organised with some inhabitants of the district of Nowy Port during A three months residency in Gdansk, Poland.

This morning I found my ears again. I had left them in a drawer, near a clock with a never-ending double swinging clinking pendulum, almost like an anxious metronome. It took me a long time to get used to them as I hadn’t used them for a while.
First the right : cracks of the wooden floor, sharp and dry, a breath through the keyhole like the whispers of forgotten ghosts. The walls vibrate and a comfortable bass spreads and embraces my whole body.
Then the left : the window, the outside, the wind beating against the glass in a swinging tempo. The branches dance and imitate the sound of an infinite mass of seeds poured in the air. An engine splits the street with the roaring of a big animal.
All of those sounds compose a hypnotic symphony which lulls me. I close my eyes and let the sound penetrate. Ears, I will never forget you again.