Dark room of resonances

Cinema for the ears

How do we imagine a space around us by the action of hearing? What makes a space be unique? How can we cross different univers just by the action of listening?

The dark room of resonances attempt to create a situation where the hearer is completely immerge. The whole room is completely dark in order to let the people loose their visual references and focus on what their are hearing.The sound piece creates different univers using as reference the acoustic properties of the real architecture space. Each piece is composed for a specific space what makes the resonance of the space the main point of each piece.According to the architecture situation, the piece is composed for different number of speakers in order to create a specific installation and using the sound’s spatialization.

The piece is composed as a never ending piece. A continual fall. It attempts to question our relation with sound, space and time. Which relationships we maintain with our sound environment and how it can talk about ourself.

A stereo version of the project create for Passage exhibition, Bergerac. Initially composed for four speakers.